Here Are Top Tourist Attractions in Homerton And Why You Should Consider Moving Here!

Homerton was once known to be a rather quiet portion found within the bustling city of London. Today, it has become one of the most visited areas in this historical city.

Lined on its streets are the ever growing food scene that boasts many of restaurants as well as the music and arts scene that cannot be found nowhere else in London. From the favourite coffee spot Hatch to art exhibitions on Chat’s Palace, this excitingly diverse place is a perfect venue for people from all walks of life and lifestyle.

Fancy staying in a house once owned by King Henry VIII? For history buffs who would like to have a piece of history, then the Sutton House is the place to be. The Sutton House is the oldest residential building in this location that once housed merchants, sea captain and silk-weavers. This house boasted of oak panelled rooms and intricate carvings on the windows and fireplaces to name a few.

Since its renovation in the mid-1980, London’s oldest home has become the beacon for various art and music events as well as small gatherings.

If you happen to have a penchant for fun, don’t forget to stop by the popular the London Fields Brewery! Reputed to one of London’s fantastic and versatile venues, this tourist attraction offers one of the world’s great tasting beers. You can taste hand-crafted beers and beers made by your own recipe. The Brewery also gives beer drinkers brewing classes to master the art of brewing their most favourite bitter brew.

 Art and music lovers can enjoy musical festivals and art shows in Homerton’s Chat’s Palace. Located at the most vibrant and creative part of East London, the one former Homerton Library has now become a place local artists and activists. This venue is home to a large performance space that houses a theatre bar and a café.

Besides, being the home to many of London’s top tourist attractions, this place is also known to a warm and cosy and residential community. Fit for settling down and for individual starting life in the more bustling life of the city, relocating to Homerton is definitely a must. Surrounded by lively neighbourhoods and a series of attractions for the foodie and artsy at heart, you will find your home in Homerton.

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